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                InBody 570

InBody 570 

The InBody 570 body composition analysis system is a medically certified tool for health diagnosis and prevention. The InBody analyser uses BIA technology. It allows an accurate measurement of segmental impedance, of each body part separately. The detailed results (distribution of fat mass, muscle mass, body water) provide key information regarding the physical condition of the person under examination. This device is used in many areas of medicine (e.g. nephrology, orthopaedics, endocrinology or gastroenterology) and in physiotherapy.


Lab supervisor

Marcin Bugdol, PhD, Eng.

Room 213, Zabrze

Anthropometric measurement kit

A set of measuring instruments enabling the examiner to take measurements in accordance with the recommendations of ESPEN (The European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism). The kit consists of an anthropometer with a measuring range of 0-2100mm, a linear calliper with a measuring range of 0-200mm, a small bowed calliper with a measuring range of 0-300mm, a large bowed calliper with a measuring range of 0-600mm and a harpenden-type fold gauge with software, with a measuring range of 0-80mm.

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