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Image navigation in oncological diagnostics
Image navigation in oncological therapy
Multimodal support systems for personalized therapy
Computer-aided diagnostic imaging
Computer-aided histopatology
Telecare and telerehabilitation
Cloud computing and teleradiology
Pain monitoring in physiotherapy
Monitoring of chronic skin wounds
Diagnostyka wad wymowy
Interactive rehabilitation
High-frequency ultrasound in skin diagnosis
Shaping the structure and properties of engineering materials
Selection of materials and manufacturing technologies
Assessment of the mechanical properties of engineering materials
Design and testing of implants
Design of surgical instruments
Application of rapid prototyping methods in medicine
Surface engineering
Medical Device Evaluation Procedures
Medical, sport and rehabilitation equipment designing
Strength tests of construction materials, biological and mechanical objects
Numerical studies of mechanical characteristics in anatomical elements and mechanical systems
Modelling and experimental studies of flow in blood vessels
Medical CT or MRI images based 3D modeling of tissue structures
3D modeling based on 3D scans
Engineering support for planning surgical procedures
Creating interactive three-dimensional visualizations in the VR technology
Forensic expertise of human behavior modeling in accident situations
Experimental diagnostics of human motor system
Comprehensive kinematic analysis of human body movement and mechanical systems
Sport athletes motor skills assessment
Digital Processing of Biomedical Signals
Modelling of biological structures and processes
Machine learning
Biomorphic Materials
Digital circuit design for medicine
Tissue and genetic engineering
Artificial organs

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