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Computer Vision and Virtual Reality Laboratory

We carry out research into the creation of virtual reality elements required for computer-assisted surgery and the simulation and prototyping of computer-assisted minimally invasive procedures.

The laboratory includes:

Surgical Planning Laboratory

We carry out research in the field of assisted surgical planning with a particular focus on computer-assisted minimally invasive procedures.

The laboratory includes: 

Rapid Prototyping Laboratory 

We are working to develop and manufacture novel materials and personalised products with gradient structures for medical applications, including orthopaedics, traumatology, spinal surgery, dentistry and rehabilitation.

Biomechatronic Devices Design Assistance Laboratory

We conduct research to support the design process of medical devices using rapid virtual prototyping methods. We test and evaluate the performance of actuators, electromechanical, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems for use in exoskeletons or robotic devices. We conduct studies of robot, biomanipulator and human interaction in biomechatronic and medical applications. We design and prototype, test and measure state-of-the-art biomechatronic devices, electronic and textronic components and devices. We determine the strength properties of various materials and structural components.

Locomotor System Research Laboratory

We carry out model tests and experiments for the diagnosis and objective assessment of the musculoskeletal system, as well as qualitative and quantitative biomechanical analyses of various forms of movement, ranging from gait and everyday activities to complex movements characteristic of individual sports disciplines. We also analyse existing methods of physiotherapy and physical diagnosis and carry out research into the adaptation of workstations in the context of ergonomics.

The laboratory includes

Control & Measurement Systems and Biometrics Laboratory

We are working on modern methods to support geriatric diagnosis using IT and telemedicine techniques. We conduct research in the fields of anthropometry, biomedical signal analysis, concentration and attention disorders, and acoustic signal processing. We design, build and test models and functional prototypes of innovative bioelectronic systems and complex control, measurement and simulation systems according to given specifications. We also carry out research into the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data visualisation in medicine and sport.

The laboratory includes:

Biomorphic Materials Laboratory

We are working in the field of technology for the preparation of environmentally friendly biomorphic carbon/carbon and carbon/polymer composites and the characterisation of their physicochemical properties. The raw materials for the substrates of these composites come from renewable sources, such as fibre plants. We are also researching the development of biosensor fabrication technologies using biocatalysts derived from biomorphic materials.

Dental Engineering Laboratory

We carry out work to optimise the functional and aesthetic properties of prosthetic products made from all types of materials: metal, polymer and composite. We provide milling services based on the image of the prosthetic base or the design of the prosthetic product in all groups of materials. We carry out tests under conditions that simulate dynamic changes in the physical conditions of the dental system.

Laboratory for Mechanical Testing of Medical Devices

We perform tests to evaluate the mechanical properties of surface coatings applied to medical devices used in orthopaedics, traumatology, spondylolisthesis, minimally invasive surgery and dentistry. The assessment is based on abrasion resistance tests under conditions appropriate to the use of the devices.

The laboratory includes:

Implant Structure Testing Laboratory

We carry out structural studies on metallic, polymeric, ceramic and composite biomaterials, including those with surface layers and varying chemical and phase compositions. The facilities include a comprehensive metallographic sample preparation line.

The laboratory includes:

Laboratory for Implant Surface Functionalization

We carry out research related to surface treatment and analysis of the properties of manufactured layers or coatings on medical devices. We also carry out work related to surface modification of medical devices under controlled technological conditions. We provide quality expertise to the medical, aerospace, energy and automotive industries.

The laboratory includes:

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