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Mechanical Properties Testing Lab

  • Abrasion wear resistance tests
  • Wear rate tests
  • Coating thickness tests
    • Arbor for balls and pins with diameters: 1.5; 3; 6 and 10mm
    • Loads: 0.25N, 0.5N, 1N, 2N, 5N, 10N, 20N, 30N, 60N
    • Maximum test length 40 days
    • Indentation device
  • In situ compression test
  • Bending test “in situ”
  • Scratch test “in situ”
  • Nano-hardness measurement “in situ”

Lab supervisor

Magdalena Antonowicz

Magdalena Antonowicz, PhD, Eng.

Tescan Vega 4 GMU scanning electron microscope with Oxford Instruments Explore EDS analyser

The scanning electron microscope allows analysis of surface topography and morphology with simultaneous elemental microanalysis.
The use of a variable vacuum allows observations to be made on poorly conducting specimens. The large working chamber allows work with large samples without the need for cutting.
Features include:
– Tungsten emitter
– SE and BSE detector
– Variable vacuum operation
– Large working chamber
– EDS analyser
– Max. magnification of 500,000x

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