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Musculoskeletal Loads Simulation Lab

The AnyBody Modelling System software system (AaLborg Univercity, Denmark) is a system designed to create mathematical models of the human musculoskeletal system and to analyse musculoskeletal loads.

Lab supervisor

Katarzyna Nowakowska-Lipiec, PhD, Eng.

AnyBody Modelling System is an example of software that allows the development of models of the dynamics of multi-body systems, in particular models of the human skeletal-muscular system. The programme allows both static and dynamic simulations of various activities to be carried out, resulting in information on the reactions and moments at individual joints and muscular activity.

The operation of the software is based on the solution of the inverse dynamics problem, which means that the basic input data required for the simulations are kinematic quantities, i.e. angles at individual joints, and information on the action of external forces (e.g. ground reactions). 

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