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Dental Engineering Laboratory

Lab supervisor

Anna Ziębowicz, PhD, Eng.

room 110, Zabrze

RS5 magnetic milling machine with CAM software

  • 3 + 2 milling including such materials such as: zircon, titanium, CoCr
  • intended for the manufacture of prosthetic products such as: implants, acrylic dentures, surgical guides and glassceramic products with trochoidal machining
  • software containing a package of implant geometries and implant connectors

SD Mechatronik THE-1100 Thermocycler

A thermocycler equipped with an open specinem basket that is alternately immersed in a bath of hot and cold liquid to provide a high rate of temperature change (to realistically simulate temperature changes in the oral cavity), thereby simulating the artificial ageing process of materials used for prosthetic restorations.

SD Mechatronik CS-4 chewing movements simulator

The unit simulates various chewing movements in the mouth to evaluate materials used for implants, bridges, crowns, composites and jaw models:

  • complete chewing cycles with 2-axis linear movement
  • 2-axis circular motion for higher simulation frequencies up to 5Hz
  • simulation of bruxism, in particular for the testing of splints 

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