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Bioinformatics Lab

Research offer:

The laboratory researches the application of signal processing methods to protein research and in silico protein studies.

Bioinformatics, chemoinformatics, quantum chemistry, statistical analysis, mathematical modelling of biological structures and processes, and fundamental molecular studies are also carried out.

Lab supervisors:

Anna Tamulewicz, PhD

room. 209, Zabrze

Anna Filipowska, PhD

room 209, Zabrze


  • Gaussian,
  • Hyper Bundle,
  • GaussView,
  • PQStat,
  • Matlab,
  • Comsol,
  • Mathematica,
  • Wolfram System Modeler.


Airstream laminar flow cabinet

The laminar flow cabinet provides protection for the product, the operator and the environment. It is designed for general microbiological work with biological agents of safety level 1,2 or 3.

ARCTIKO P50 low temperature freezer

temperature range -25 / -86 °C

VS20-WAVE electrophoresis unit

An innovative large-format electrophoresis system using new technology based on a combination of screws and clamps. 

GustoTM – Rotilabo Microlitre centrifuge

Research Plus Eppendorf automatic pipettes

Multi-Vortex V-32 shaker

OMNIDOC gel documentation system

Pioneer Precision Scale OHAUS

Thermoblock with digital display LLG-uniBLOCKTHERM

Incubator CO2 BINDER

Laboratory refrigerator CHL 1 B SMART

Laboratory dryer SUP-65W

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