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BTS Smart optical motion analysis system

Optical system for complex motion analysis BTS Smart equipped with a set of 10 video cameras and passive markers reflecting the emitted infrared radiation.

A set of AMTI dynamometric platforms is built into the floor to measure the 3 components of ground reaction forces. The system is also supplied with a 16-channel surface electromyography set to assess of muscle action potentials.

Lab supervisors

Katarzyna Jochymczyk-Woźniak, PhD, Eng.

Katarzyna Nowakowska-Lipiec, PhD, Eng.

The BTS Smart system is widely used in the fields of medicine and sportsThe most commonly studied human activity using this system is gait.

The results of such a gait analysis performed on a patient with a functonal disorder are compared with the normative ranges obtained for healthy people. This provides an objective and quantitative indication of the patient’s movement deviations from the normal pattern. 

Other movement activities can also be analysed, e.g. rehabilitation exercises, activities of daily living.

Example of the use of the BTS Smart complex movement analysis system:

  • assessment of the patient’s musculoskeletal status based on the motor task performed (walking, jumping, etc.),
  • assessment of the effectiveness of the applied treatment/rehabilitation method (conservative, surgical, pharmacological, orthopaedic aids),
  • determining the degree of dysfunction on the basis of the motor task performed (gait, any movement),
  • planning the strategy of treatment and motor improvement (conservative, surgical, pharmacological, orthopaedic supplies),
  • assessment of asymmetry in gait and other motor tasks,
  • assessment of  the correctness of a sport-related motor task (jumping, fencing, dancing, stationary cycling).

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