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Biomanipulators and Robotics Lab

Reverse engineering station:

  • Geomagic DesignX software for reverse engineering
  • Mimics Innovations Suite (MIS 23) software for segmentation of anatomical structures

Lab supervisors

Kamil Joszko, PhD

room 003, Zabrze

Michał Burkacki, PhD

room 003, Zabrze

The KScan Magic handheld metrology laser scanner (Scantech) is a professional metrology tool whose measurement accuracy allows it to be used in industrial quality control of parts from a few millimetres, up to several metres.

The high resolution, accuracy and smooth switching between lasers, ensure that the finest details are reproduced, while advanced digitalisation technology eliminates the need to dull shiny and black parts.

With real-time visualisation of the measurement data on the monitor screen and information on the optimum measurement position directly on the measuring head, 3D scanning has never been easier!

KScan Magic handheld metrology laser scanner (Scantech)

Handheld iReal 2E (Scantech) 

The iReal 2E handheld scanner (Scantech) for scanning people and objects with colour and texture.

  • Measurement including HD textures and 24-bit colour
  • 3D scanning of people, including face and hair
  • Base and link measurements with and without reference points, using object-specific features and colour
  • Large-area, invisible infrared light measurement
  • High measuriment accuracy of up to 0.1 mm
  • High resolution, up to 0.2 mm
  • Large measuring area of 480 mm × 550 mm
  • Small size and weight: 140x94x258mm, 850g

Collaborative robot station

Collaborative robots, or cobots, are robots that work directly with humans. Robots do not need fences or other mechanical barriers – they can work directly with humans.

Universal Robots Cobot UR10

Universal Robots’ Cobot UR10 collaborative robot is the largest industrial robot in the Universal Robots family. Its payload capacity of up to 10 kg enables it to automate heavier processes where precision and reliability are still critical:

  • Payload capacity up to 10 kg
  • 1300 mm reach
  • 15 advanced safety features ensure high precision
  • Fast return on investment
  • Versatile
  • Safe
  • Flexible
  • Easy to program
  • Fast installation
  • Easily interchangeable joints 

Extremely versatile and portable, the lightweight KINOVA Gen3 Ultra robot is ground-breaking and has been designed from the ground up to meet the evolving needs of academic and industrial research teams.

It has been designed with human-robot interaction in mind. 

It is the first robot with built-in discrete 2D and 3D sensors, ideal for vision-based robot control.

  • Built-in controller in every actuator
  • Torque sensor in every joint
  • Unlimited joint rotation
  • Safety features

Kinova Gen3

Robotiq 2F-85 gripper

Equipped with two fingers, the Robotiq 2F-85 gripper is highly flexible and compatible with all industrial robots. 

The purpose of the gripper is to lift and move both small and larg objects, with flat or round shapes and varying weights. Workpieces are gripped using an external or internal handle

The gripper has an ergonomic design and is easy to program via an intuitive interface. Equipped with automatic workpiece recognition and position feedback. 

Designed for UR robots and industrial applications, the gripper is ideal for collaborative robots, favouring the automation of production processes. It also has the advantage of very fast assembly.

Onrobot RG2 – flexible gripper with two fingers and high feed rate 

The flexible grippers can be used to work with parts of different sizes and shapes.

The plug-and-produce design reduces the start-up time of production processes from one day to one hour.

The gripper can be used straight out of the box, reducing programming time by up to 70%. 

Onrobot RG2 Gripper

Onrobot 3FG15 

Onrobot 3FG15 – Flexible 3-finger gripper with high feed rate

  • Production flexibility – high feed rate optimises dosing of CNC lathes producing parts of different sizes with a single 3-finger gripper
  • Precise focus location increases quality, consistency and productivity with minimal programming.
  • Strong, stable grip from 3 contact points means the gripper can be easily and quickly repositioned for multiple processes  

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