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Biomechatronic devices assisted design lab

The laboratory enables computer-aided design and prototyping of electronic and automation circuits for biomechatronic devices. Thanks to modern measuring devices and computer software, it is possible to design the desired circuit or device with the preliminary possibility of testing its operation

The laboratory is equipped with advanced software for the design and programming of electronic devices (AUTODESK FUSION 360, LabVIEW, Visual Studio), measuring devices allowing for the creation of functional prototypes, a wide range of microcontrollers and programmable controllers ready to be implemented in the designed devices. 

Research offer:

  • rental of high-performance workstations with commercial software Autodesk Fusion 360, LabVIEW,

  • rental of NI Elvis III measurement devices, NI VirtualBench, thermal imaging camera, spectrum analyser,

  • rental of programmable controllers and microcontrollers,

  • rental of weller soldering stations 

Lab supervisor

Miłosz Chrzan, MSc

room 003, Zabrze

Autodesk Fusion 360 commercial licence

Autodesk Fusion 360 is a cloud-based 3D solid modelling, CAD, CAM and PCB software platform for the design and end-to-end manufacturing of products. The platform includes a 3D modelling module, strength simulation, visualisation, computer aided manufacturing (CAM), as well as tools for freeform modelling, 2D drawing and sheet metal construction. 

A set of National Instruments (NI) and Rigol measurement equipment to support the prototyping of electronic devices, together with specialised software:

NI VirtualBench

NI Elvis III

NI LabVIEW Professional

Analizator Widma Rigol DSA875

A set of microcontrollers and PLCs for prototyping electronic devices including:

Siemens LOGO, KTP400 Basic
with software

Controllino Mega, Maxi, Mini

Raspberry Pi 3

Flir E5 thermal imaging camera for biomechatronic devices performance testing

Soldering station for device prototyping:

  • Weller WX 2021 digital two-channel 255W hot air soldering station with WXMT thermopicette and WXMP microsolder
  • Weller WTHA 1 hot air soldering station
  • Set of necessary soldering accessories and workshop tools

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