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Microscopic image analysis lab


Matrox Imaging Library

Software for image acquisition and processing


Software for microscope image processing

The functionalities of the above-mentioned software allow for a comprehensive way of acquiring and processing microscopic images and thus improving the quality of research.

Lab supervisor

prof. Dominik Spinczyk, PhD. Eng.

room 223, Zabrze

Research offer

  • stereoscopic in vivo image acquisition,

  • handling high resolution images with the option of 4th dimension processing – time dimension,

  • possibility to use elements of artificial intelligence (Nikon Instruments software package)

  • possibility to prototype own image processing methods and extract information from image descriptions based on machine learning (SAS Institute software package). 

    Covering the above-mentioned stages of microscopic image processing and acquisition allows for a professional approach to the provision of scientific and commercial research in the field of microscopic image acquisition and processing, through the possibility of using algorithms in line with the state of the art in this field and the possibility of prototyping new solutions. 

Example application

Application of AI to support diagnosis and prognosis of lung adenocarcinoma based on digital histopathological sections

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