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Ultrasound lab

Research offer

  • Computer aided diagnosis through segmentation and analysis of individual skin layers using artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Computer aided diagnosis including classification of ultrasound images
  • Automatic detection and segmentation of pathological areas in images
  • and many more

Lab supervisor

Joanna Czajkowska, PhD, Eng

room 216, Zabrze


  • Mindray M8 – mobile device
  • Convex  – C5-1s
  • Linear – L13-3s
  • OsiriX – mobile viewer workstation

For dermatology, alergology, and aesthetic medicine:

  • diagnosis of acne and acne scars
  • detection of foreign bodies in scar tissue
  • tests of actinic keratosis and solar elastosis
  • examination of hemangiomas
  • diagnosis of atopic dermatitis
  • diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma 
  • assessing the effectiveness of laser treatment
  • assessing the effectiveness of radiotherapy 
  • monitoring skin aging, and much more 

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