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Virtual Reality Technology

HTC Vive Pro Eye

It is a device that allows the user to view and fully interact with the virtual world. The new version of the glasses has implemented eye tracking, depth perception and reduced strain on the user’s head and face which increases immersion with the virtual environment. This also provides new opportunities for virtual content and virtual reality creators.  Precise readout of eye movements enables a realistic reproduction of eye work in the real world.

They are used, for example, in:

  • simulations of both simple and complex procedures,
  • simulating implants and prostheses
  • simulating work on endoscopic instruments,
  • simulations of working on a surgical robot,
  • gamification of the therapeutic process,
  • ergonomic space analysis,
  • exercises to prevent occupational illnesses.

Unity Software

It is an engine that enables the creation of applications for various platforms. Applications can be generated for both 2D and 3D environments. Unity makes it possible to create any environment reproducing reality or a fantasy world, the only limitation being the creator’s imagination. The application can store data, collect feedback and also visualise the results. With its extensible UI capabilities, the engine works well for generating both advanced and simple windowed applications. Unity also has a built-in system that allows the creation of web applications increasing the scope of its use. 


  • implementation of applications for various platforms including smartphones for patient registration, finding specialists in the area, educational games,
  • implementation of web applications presenting medical units,
  • implementation of simulators,
  • implementation of educational applications for desktop computers and
  • augmented reality environments,
  • implementation of rehabilitation applications

Lab supervisor:

Grzegorz Gruszka, MSc

Room. 113 Zabrze

Multi-person 3D projection booth with polarised glasses system

Possibility to conduct research in the virtual world on several people at the same time using polarised glasses

3D Virtual Cave projection site

One of the most advanced and modern equipment in Poland and Europe, allowing full immersion in a virtual world and interaction with its elements.

3D projection stand with HMD systems

Allows interaction with elements of the virtual world and full-body control

Hand rehabilitation support station

It focuses on the use of hand movements to carry out interactions with the virtual world, allowing to maximise the effectiveness of its rehabilitation

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