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Biomechanic Innovations Lab

  • assessment of postural stability and the way the body balances in static conditions with VR projection systems,
  • assessment of postural stability and body balance during movement (free walking and on a treadmill) with VR projection,
  • assessment of postural stability and how to balance the body on unstable ground,
  • stability training using interactive systems at different levels of ground instability,
  • assessment of stability during walking and standing under conditions of mechanical off-balance,
  • assessment of postural control following unexpected postural perturbation.

Lab supervisor

Marta Chmura, MSc

Marta Chmura@polsl.pl
Room 113, Zabrze

3D Virtual Cave projection site

One of the most advanced and modern equipment in Poland and Europe, allowing full immersion in a virtual world and interaction with its elements.

Gait analysis system

The system consists of a custom-made treadmill for the training and assessment of postural perturbations for neurological and orthopaedic patients. The treadmill allows controlling the movement of the entire treadmill surface in anteroposterior and lateral directions both when the patient is standing and and during walking or running.

A station measuring balance on unstable ground 

A stand for the assessment and training of balance and proprioception under clinical conditions. Can be used for objective assessment of the patient’s condition, progress of therapy, determination of the difference between the right and left limb, for example.

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