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Hearing & speech technology lab

Acoustic studio with acoustic adaptation

  • Recording of speech signals
  • Speech therapy diagnosis and therapy
  • Audiological examinations
  • Acoustic examinations

Lab supervisor

Michał Kręcichwost

Michał Kręcichwost, PhD, Eng.

room 215, Zabrze

Acoustic workstation

Speech and language therapy post

  • Apparatus for audiology examinations (AA222, D528 SYNC, PBZ, System PATH Medical)
  • Apparatus for speech therapy diagnosis and therapy (speech therapy vibrators, interactive whiteboard, intraoral camera, electrostimulation, spatulas, gloves, speech therapy software)
  • Equipment for voice and hearing training (SPPS, ForBrain)

Silesian Center for Engineering Support
in Medicine and Sport "Assist Med. Sport Silesia"

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