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Noraxon Ultium EMG system

The Noraxon Ultium EMG system, together with peripherals and software, enables wireless, 8-channel measurement of electrical muscle activity and measurement of motor activity with IMU inertial sensors, with a minimum sampling rate of 2048 Hz, using non-invasive surface electrodes.

In addition, interchangeable with EMG leads, the Noraxon Ultium system is equipped with shoe inserts in various sizes to record foot-floor contact forces from 0 to 52 N/m2, 2 pieces of electrogoniometer to measure range of motion, and a sensor to record respiratory rate and heart rate of the subject.

Lab supervisor

Marcin Bugdol, PhD, Eng.

room 213, Zabrze

ARGUS ETVision System

The ARGUS ETVision Eye Tracking System – the device enables non-invasive, mobile recording and subsequent accurate analysis of eye position and movements, in consecutive moments.

It contains miniature ocular cameras with a set of diodes, observing each eye independently and a camera recording the scene in front of the participant.

The key parameters obtained during registration with the above-mentioned device are changes in pupil width, iris height (this allows us to analyse the so-called squinting of the eyes) and the moments and frequency of blinking. In addition, the position of the centre of the pupil is an important element, because with such a high accuracy of registration, it will be possible, at a later stage of analysis, to capture fixation points and their rapid shifts (sudden changes in the visual field, not detected by the brain), i.e. saccadic movements.

 In addition, the ETVision system is equipped with a set of corrective glasses with lenses from -5 to +3 dioptres.

ANT Neuro eegoTM sports

ANT Neuro eegoTM sports electroencephalographic signal recording system enables non-invasive and fully mobile 64-channel recording of the bioelectrical activity signal of brain function using an electroencephalograph, with a sampling rate of 2048 Hz. 

The system comes with a full commissioning kit (caps in 3 sizes, electrodes, gels). 

It is possible to fully synchronise the ANT Neuro eegoTmsports measurements with the Argus ETVision System gaze tracking device.


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